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Day at Night

Artist: Jackie Johnston
Info: Day octopuses get their name because while most octopuses hunt at night, they hunt during the day. Of course this made me wonder what they were doing at night. The octopus in this piece appears to be doing a bit of underwater ballet, so maybe that's what some of them are up to! I really had fun playing with the background on this. There are glossy black wave lines against a matte black background so depending on the light and angle you are looking at it the lines either stand out or blend in with the background. The stylistic waves remind me a bit of wave designs I've seen in block prints and aloha shirts. I took the reference photos for this at the Maui Ocean Center of an awesome octopus there. She was a little show-off and played to the camera like a fashion modal while also giving me the distinct impression that she was checking me and my camera out as much as I was checking her out. I thought she was the coolest little beastie ever and have been in love with octopuses ever since.
About: Original
Size: 36 inches x 36 inches
Media: acrylic on canvas
Location: In the artist's collection
2023 Beneath the Surface: Marine Life of Hawai‘i Juried by Gar Waterman & Jessica Colla, Hui No'eau Visual Arts Center, Makawao, Hawaii. (Juried group exhibit.)