I was born in San Francisco, grew up in Central California and went to U.C. Berkeley where I got a bachelor's degree in psychology. My first job out of college was at a small portrait studio in San Francisco's financial district.

After a couple of years there, I went back to Berkeley and got my teaching credential, then taught elementary school in Palo Alto for two years. I was visiting family over spring break towards the end of the second year of teaching, when I picked up a local newspaper and started looking at the photographs. I told myself, "I could take photos like those," and more importantly, thought it would be something I'd really enjoy. When my temporary teaching contract expired and wasn't immediately picked up because of budget cuts, I figured destiny was calling.

So after the end of that school year, I moved back to Central California. And with the help of some community college classes in journalism and photojournalism, along with a subsequent newspaper internship at the Hanford Sentinel, I launched a career in photojournalism. I ended up working as a photographer at the same newspaper, the Visalia Times-Delta, that had started me thinking of photojournalism in the first place. I stayed there a couple of years as a staff photographer doing some page design and even a temporary stint as a section editor.

Later, after briefly working at the Sacramento Bee's zoned edition, Neighbors, I decided to move to the Tri-Cities in Eastern Washington state to be a freelance photojournalist. As a freelancer, I've worked for the Associated Press and scores of publications, from the New York Times to the Los Angeles Times and everything in between. My longest running freelance client has been a regional wine magazine, Wine Press Northwest, where I started in 1998 and continue to this day, taking the majority of their photos and also doing their cover and feature page layouts.

Along the way, I have worked on a coffee table cookbook, Northwest Wining and Dining, with a Seattle author, Braiden Rex-Johnson. And I have worked with San Diego-area artist, Scott Jacobs, on "reference" photographs that he's used to help create several of his photorealistic acrylic paintings. (You may have seen him recently on an episode of "Secret Millionaire.")

When the economy tanked in 2008 and the bottom fell out of the publishing industry, freelance budgets dried up. As a result, from 2009-2014, I worked full-time as a marketing coordinator for a large medical practice in Kennewick, Wash., creating and designing their website and their marketing and advertising pieces while still doing freelance photography on the side.

Recently I moved back to San Francisco and graduated from Dev Bootcamp on April 18, 2014 with a new skill set as a beginning Ruby on Rails web developer.

In my spare time, I love to travel to coastal areas...which you can see in some of my photos here...and I've recently taken up painting as a hobby. My passions in life are travel, art, animals and the ocean.